Clean Up The World

The expedition - the improvement

Created By: Our Earth Foundation - Fundacja Nasza Ziemia




The expedition - the improvement
In support of: Clean Up the World Weekend
Category: 4 R's/Waste
Local Supporters: The President of the Republic of Poland, Minister of the Environment, The State Forests National Forest Holding, Marshals of the provinces, Rekopol, Prokarton, Coca Cola, DB Schenker,
The 22nd edition of the campaign "Clean Up the World - Poland" was carried out under the slogan "The expedition - The improvement" This year's campaign started in the April 22 during the celebration of "The Earth Day" in Warsaw's Pole Mokotowskie.
The main goal of the campaign was to improve waste education and public support for measures to protect the environment. We have demonstrated that in addition to duties, we also have the right, and one of them is right to demand by communities to solve problems with illegal dumping grounds.
Campaign elements:
1. the first ecological bicykle race along the eastern Poland on the route Krakow - Gizycko.
2. The second edition of the ecological cruise Sail into the Clean Lakes of Masuria.
3. a national contact database of officials responsible for waste management in each municipality
4. a free mobile application “rEKOnesans" which allows you to monitor the purity of the municipalities and signal problems related to waste management
5. the first public poll on the Clean Municipality, which were evaluated all municipalities in Poland - 16 500 votes cast for the 132 municipalities
6. gathering close to 100 bags (about 80 liters) of waste during the National Final of the Clean Up the World - Poland


Our Earth Foundation - Fundacja Nasza Ziemia
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Our Focus: Environment

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