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Future Centre Trust
Type of Group: Non Government (NGO)
Our Focus: Environment

Environmental education in Barbados, reaching out to all to raise awareness of our place in the environment and to embrace sustainable living.

BARBADOS / St Thomas /

Thank you to all who participated in this years 'staggered' Clean Up Barbados event! This year we ended up having four Saturdays over the space of some 8 weeks to get a good percentage of our clean ups for this year!


Unfortunately Saturday September 17 was a rain filled day after the previous two days of downpours. Still, we managed to have some 121 people come out on the day itself and brave the weather! The folks helped clean up in 9 locations across Barbados - mostly beaches, and had a great time doing something VERY different!!


The remaining 6 groups were spread out over September 24 (3), October 1 (1) and November 5, 2011 (1). 


All in all the collective total was 3.04tonnes of waste collected with roughly 40% of waste being recyclable material. 


All up we had a total of 224 people over the 4 dates and it was still deemed a success with a good number of these people never participating in such an event before.


We have a small gallery of images loaded up on our website: for your information.


Education and awareness are what will change habits. Clean Up Barbados is an action based activity that works to provide just that! We would hope that over time, the need to clean up will be reduced as more and more people are educated and attitudes are changed as it relates to littering and illegal dumping in this country.


Registrations for the 2012 event are now being taken! Contact The Future Centre Trust TODAY to register your interest. Email us at or call Nicole on 1 246 625 2020!