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Spring/Autumn Cleanup Campaigns

Created By: JEAN (Japan Environmental Action Network )




Spring/Autumn Cleanup Campaigns
Category: 4 R's/Waste
Local Supporters: Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Land and Transportation, Fishery Agency, Japan Coast Guard, sponsors nationally and locally, NGO/NPOs, Local governments, Local Site Captains and volunteers through out Japan
Spring Cleanup Campaigns: during months of April to June. Sites are through out the country and organized by local volunteer site captains.
Autumn Cleanup Campaign: during months of September and October. Sights are organized local captains and trash survey is carried out in this campaign.

Activity Report

JEAN is an non-profit organization which addresses the problem of marine litter, in order to pass the clean and healthy ocean onto our future generation. JEAN coordinates bi-annual cleanup campaigns in Spring (mainely April to June) and Autumn (mainely September and October). Participated sites in Japan were 274 in total, reported from the groups though out Japan as of November 19, 2010. JEAN cares for the Natural Environment, but we specialized in addressing the marine litter problem. So, all volunteers participated in our cleanup campains, especially the Autumn Campaign, put their effort into, not only collecting trash on shores, an investigation of trash -- how many certain trash items are found.
In 2010, we had reports from 274 cleanup sites (spring: 123, autumn 151) where 28,508 volunteers were participated (spring: 18,476, autumn: 10,032). Volunteers covered distance of 242.65 kilometres, picking up 126.86 tons of trash altogether.

Outline of JEAN's cleanup activity which benefits to the environment and community
JEAN started this trash survey coastal cleanup from 1990. We have gathered and compiled the trash data of 20 years now. Although the volunteer based survey is not very much scientific, as the results differs by so many factors -- site, participation, distance and hours that those volunteer groups worked on. However, it is still a helpful data to see the trends of increase/decrease of certain trash items, the abundance of certain items and the origin of such items. We send the data to the US based environmental organization, Ocean Conservancy, which works for marine environment conservation and coordinates "International Coastal Cleanup (ICC)", every year to add into international effort for 20 years. We also report Japanese results to public by forms of "Cleanup Campaign Report". This report with its yearly data has helped building people's awareness to this serious marine litter problem. One of our success was that we made our government to enact "The Law for Promotion of Marine Litter Disposal", a lawmaker-initiated legislation, in 2009 by our lobbying action. This achievement could not be realized unless so many Japanese volunteers supported working together with us, collecting data of marine litter. Therefore, the cleanup campaigns we carry out twice every year since 1990 have been a useful tool to enlighten Japanese public, not mention the national and local government and also industries and business sectors, on the issues of marine litter, and to build networking platform amongst all sectors of our society.

2010 sponsors of JEAN
01 Japan Fund for Global Environment
02 Philip Morris Japan, K.K
03 UPS Japan Co., Ltd.
04 NETOFF, Inc.
07 Amway Nature Center
09 Patagonia Japan. (Voice your Chance)
10 MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.
12 Daishinsha
14 Johnnson Controls
15 Ei Publishing. co., Ltd. "everblue"
16, Inc.


JEAN (Japan Environmental Action Network )
Type of Group: Non Government (NGO)
Our Focus: Environment

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