Clean Up The World

Puliamo il Mondo - Clean up the World

Created By: Legambiente Onlus




Puliamo il Mondo - Clean up the World
In support of: Clean Up the World Weekend
Category: 4 R's/Waste
Local Supporters: Scout, society Italian Speleology, UPI (Italian Provinces Union), Federparchi (National Parks Federation), Anci ( National Association of the Municipalities).
Clean up cities, parks and beaches

Activity Report

This was the 18th edition in Italy, more than 700.000 volunteers got involved and 5.000 locations have been cleaned. Legambiente delivered to all the participants (municipalities, schools, parks, associations,
etc.) kits for adults and children (hats, gloves, patches, brochures, "cleaned area" posters to hang next to the cleaned area).
"Stop plastic bag" was the slogan of the campaign.

The most significant events: in Pollica. In this city the Mayor was murdered for mafia. He was a person who did a lot for the environment and every year organized clean up the world in Pollica whit a lot of volunteers.
Patronage: Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of the Education, the European Commission - Representation in Italy. In collaboration with: UPI (Italian Provinces Union), Federparchi (National Parks Federation); Anci ( National Association of the Municipalities).

Parks, gardens, lakes bottoms, rivers banks, mountain pathways and protected areas has been freed from marooned garbage.

The volunteers activities range from the cleaning of an area to requalification projects.

Here some of the goal achieved: In Milan volunteers cleaned the Park Lambro following a flood, in Polignano a Mare snorkeling activity and clean water with lesson of marine biology, redevelopment of an area in of National Park Monti Sibillini in Castelluccio di Norcia.


Legambiente Onlus
Type of Group: Non Government (NGO)
Our Focus: Environment

ITALY / Milan / 20127
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