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Clean Up Cacha-Pregos

Created By: Canto Ecologico

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Clean Up Cacha-Pregos
In support of: Clean Up the World Weekend
Category: Education
As usual, we'll clean up our area where the marine litter is ... all over the beach sand ,and inside the garbage cans that we placed for people to use; everyday a new bag comes full... Nature smiles with us everyday!

Activity Report

For us is always special to clean up our area....but during the CUW weekend that is even more specail because we know millions of simple people like us all over the world are also sweeping the planet and helping to keep it more healthy....

Our daily routine is always fun and the Clean Up the World team has a lot to do with it !
Thanks Jillian, thank you Ian !
We'll be together 'till the end'....

Carlos,Gabi e Mel


Canto Ecologico
Type of Group: Educational Institution
Our Focus: Environment, Education, Other (please specify)

BRAZIL / Vera Cruz / Cacha-Pregos / 44478-000
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