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Earth Caretakers




Earth Caretakers
Type of Group: Community / Family
Our Focus: Environment

The Earth Caretakers consist of me Carina Ahlqvist as a private person and initiator of this initiative from Sweden. I am an alpinist and on each of my expeditions to Nepal I conduct an environmental and climate initiative. Also members are two Nepalese women Sarita Gurung and Rayamaya Gurung. The three of us collected garbage in Nepal from Sama Goan to Darapani, a four day trek. We collected much more than 100 kilos of garbage on 2000 - 5000 meter altitude. We had meetings with school teachers and lamas in villages to transfer the message via them to school children and village people about the implications of throwing garbage in the mountains. The intention is to follow-up this initiative and also to conduct new environmental initiatives in the near future. On previous expeditions I have collected snow samples to contribute to research in climate change to NASA in USA and to universities in Europe and USA. It is important that everyone try to contribute to a healther planet. Everyone cannot do great things but all of us can do something with a great mindset,

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