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Keep Hanoi Clean (Xanh Lên)




Keep Hanoi Clean (Xanh Lên)
Type of Group: Community / Family
Our Focus: Environment, Education, Youth

Keep Hanoi Clean is a Volunteer group founded by an American living in Hanoi Vietnam, during May of 2016. The purpose of the group is to clean up trash around the city, spread awareness about environmental issues and to educate children about reusing waste and how to reduce the waste we produce. The group is new and we are seeking NGO status. Here's one of our upcoming events! Thank you for your consideration!

Weekend plan (10/12-11/12)

Saturday (10/12) 8am-11am

Clean Thong Nhat park (family day)

This is one of Hanoi's largest and most beautiful parks! Let's give it the TLC it deserves. Starting at 8am, we will have fun games, with prizes, for kids and some educational information for them about keeping safe and clean. Bring your family and experience a great day at the park with a purpose! Keep Hanoi Clean will bring everyone you need to protect your health. We will have gloves, masks and bags for collecting the trash we find. Meet up at the entrance on Le Duan street at 8am.

Google map link :

Sunday (11/12)

🏃🏽Old Quarter Run 🏃

Do you love walking around in the old quarter like we do? This time, do it with a purpose!

Starting at 8am, we will walk from the corner of Dai Co Viet street, up Ba Trieu street to Hoan Kiem Lake. All along the way, we will stop to pick up trash and spread awareness about protecting the environment. Everyone who joins is invited to eat lunch together near Hoan Kiem Lake.

For those of you who can't be there in the morning, or want to do more in the afternoon, from 2-4pm we will walk down Pho Hue street to the corner of Pho Hue and Dai Co Viet street. After we are finished, we will all hang out in the park nearby and talk about the day and share our experiences. This mission for a cleaner environment has us all very excited and we hope you will join us!

Google map link / 8am :

Google map link / 2pm :

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