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Recycling Awareness- Oriel Girls

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Recycling Awareness- Oriel Girls
En apoyo de: Fin de Semana de A Limpiar el Mundo
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Partidarios Locales: Uncef, Oriel Girls, Sunshine Project, EMA and Ministry of Environment water and climate
Miracle Mission Trust
Miracle Missions on the 17th were invited to conduct recycling awareness with student from Oriel Girls High School at Chisipite Shopping Centre for the official launch of the first Institutional Waste Transfer Station by Zimbabwe Sunshine Group in partnership with Unicef Zimbabwe and support of Ministry of Environment and Environmental Management Agency. The launch was held under the theme "Young people for clean and smart climate Zimbabwe" this was a response to the COP21 document speaking on issues of environment protection and sustainability, youth participation among others. It aims to provide a practical solution to the waste management challenges faced by our city and country at large. Over 100 Oriel Girls High School students were in attendance. After the training the young ladies got a chance to get their hands dirty picking up litter in the area as part of the Clean Up the World - Official campaign and made their way down to Oriel for the handover.


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