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2017 Beach Clean Up in Taichung Taiwan

Created By: 21st Century Education Center Taiwan




2017 Beach Clean Up in Taichung Taiwan
In support of: Clean Up the World Weekend
Category: 4 R's/Waste
Local Supporters: 21st Century Education Association Taichung
After the learning of Earth Day in April and all the way to May, the students are quite determined to do something to show their concern of our Mother Earth.
As their teacher, I'm glad they can be the seeds of environmental education for other young generation.
The Decision of Miss Nee’s Class in 2017 Earth Day (21st Century Education Center)
This is the film recorded on Apr. 27th , after they introduced the Earth Day to other kids. (

First, they came the idea to do the beach cleanup on Apr. 22nd. But none of their parents can join to help.
As their teacher, I know how precious when the students really want to do something from their hearts.
So I showed them more films in Clean Up the World, to let them know it's something have been done in other parts of the world.

Then we are happy to find out the Clean Up the World Weekend is in September. So we still have sometime to plan this meaningful activity. Although it's still a huge challenging project for five 11 to12- year-old -boys.


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