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Clean up the Beaches of Almeria

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Clean up the Beaches of Almeria
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Cleaning up the areas of the beaches where the municipal clean up crews do not or are not able to

Where is "La Costa de Almeria"?

 "Costa de Almería" is the tourist denomination that is given to the coastal strip of the province of Almeria, an expanse of territory that covers 217 kilometres and 13 municipalities: from Pulpí, at the limit of the Province of Murcia to Adra, at the limit of the province of Granada.

The coast of Almeria is relatively unspoilt compared to its neighbouring Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca regions and is a diverse and predominantly natural coastline; inland much of the landscape is arid and desert-like and is sparsely populated. Almeria enjoys the most hours of sunshine and lowest rainfall in Europe. Along this coastline can find tourist destinations such as Vera, Mojácar, Roquetas de Mar or Almerimar, and natural areas such as the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar, the Natural Park Punta Entinas-Sabinar, or San Andrés Island.

The name Almeria derives from the Arabic occupation, originally Al-Mariyya, meaning The Mirror, as it was compared to The Mirror of the Sea.

The Problem

Most of the beaches of the region are very well cared for over the summer tourist season, they are groomed and cleaned every night and the most popular beaches are immaculate.

But sadly there are some expanses of this amazing coastline where this cleaning does not occur and these areas are often areas less frequented by tourists or areas that are difficult to reach for the municipal clean up crews.

Additionally in the peak season, even the prolific scattering of places to dispose of your trash, there is seldom enough to contain all of the daily waste and by the end of a typical summers day the bins are often overflowing and rubbish blowing in the wind along the beach, into the sea, to be carried away to some the unspoilt coves along the coastline.

We are entering into talks with the Mayor and Town hall of Almeria and along with the Regional Government and will be starting regular clean ups along this magical coast to reduce the build up of waste.

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