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Clean up the Desert of Tabernas

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Clean up the Desert of Tabernas
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Local Supporters: Ayuntamiento de Tabernas Junta de Andalucia
Clean up the Tabernas Desert and the surrounding Ramblas

What is the Tabernas Desert?

The Desert of Tabernas is a strange place and is the parched heart of Costa Almeria. It is very famous and also little known. It is a beautiful and unique place and the only desert in Europe, albeit classified as a “Semi-Desert”. It is stunningly barren and beautifully sculptured, vividly coloured and amazingly different. Even though it has over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and it hardly ever rains, it is a haven for hundreds of birds and mammals and some unique creatures live there.

Nature lovers, hikers and mountain bikers fall in love with the wild dusty badlands between Tabernas and Gador which bring to mind dark tales from Arizona, California, and the Wild West.

Having said this, the locals, seldom dare to set foot onto the dusty Ramblas and only a handful of them have ventured into its rain starved centre.

The Problem

Over the years the popularity of this region has grown amongst tourists and filmmakers alike. It has become a very important source of income for the town of Tabernas, and according to the Town Hall, they care deeply about the desert and its environment.

But this could not be farther from the truth. Recently, there has been a noticeable build up in “casual litter” and “fly tipping”. And, until the involvement of P3 Ambiental, both the people of the town and the civic officials just turned a blind eye to it. When contacted they just said how important the desert is, and then took no action to deal of the refuse build up.

All the beauty is being hidden beneath a layer of filth. From household garbage and industrial refuse to hardcore and rubble, from unwanted electrical goods to dead animals. (Yes, you read that right, dead animals, in plastic bags).

We have now forged a collaboration with the town hall, local officials and some of the local residents. Additionally we have formed a partnership with the Regional Government and this campaign is now running once a month to clean up the Desert and Dry River beds in the area in and around Tabernas.

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