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Campaign Against Community Waste, Pollution, and Peace Dialogue

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Campaign Against Community Waste, Pollution, and Peace Dialogue
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Partidarios Locales: Thirty five thousand residents (35,000.00), in the eight communities
With increasing population in Monrovia, the management of municipal solid waste (MSW) in the capital city of Monrovia has emerged as a severe problem not only because of the environmental and aesthetic concerns but also because of the sheer quantities generated every day. According to the world Bank Technical Paper No426, Solid Waste Landfalls in Middle and Low Income Courtiers, give a waste generation rate of 0.5kg/day/cap, plus a further 0.1kg/day/cap4. Thus for Monrovia according to EPA report, with an estimated population of 1.3 million, the average generation rate is of some 780/tones/day. Segregation at source, collection, transportation, treatment and scientific disposal of waste is largely insufficient leading to degradation of environment and poor quality of life. This project primarily focuses on the issues related to the management of municipal solid waste.

The key issues impacting proper management of MSW include the following:

 Limited primary collection at the doorstep
 Reluctance in public to take ownership
 Unavailability of adequate funds
 Lack of access to proper technology; and
 Unscientific disposal of MSV at dump sites.

Causes & Consequences:
Lack of information, lack of proper maintenance sewage & sewerage system by local bodies, spread of diseases, infant deaths, breeding of files and mosquitoes etc.

Provide public awareness on Waste Management, open air defecation and the need to use toilet, personal hygiene, meet and have consultative meetings with community


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